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Dovo Primo II Double Edge Safety Razor - Chrome
Dovo Primo II Double Edge Safety Razor - Chrome
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Skin Types : What are they?  
Normal: Pores are medium sized, equal balance of water and oil, which means this skin type is naturally well moisturized.

Oily: Coarse textured, pores tend to be larger, and face looks shiny especially in the T-zone area (across the forehead, down the nose and including the chin). Oily skin is prone to pimples, blackheads, and white heads, but having breakouts does not mean you have an oily skin.

Dry: Skin may be rough textured, flaky or tight, and very little or no shiny areas. Dry skin may look dull, have small pores, and becomes chapped when extremely dry.

Combination: A combination of dry and oily areas, usually oily within the T-zone. The T-zone extends across the forehead, down the nose and includes the chin. A combination skin has dry cheeks and neck; more people have this skin type than any other.

Sensitive: Any skin type can be classified as sensitive. For extremely sensitive skin a dermatologist's advise should be sought to determine the cause; it could be: an underlying skin disorder, such as atopic dermatitis, rosacea, milia, eczema; or, allergies to specific product ingredients (determined through patch testing); or, irritation simply caused by products too harsh for the skin.

Mature: Mature skin types are not determined by age, but rather by overexposure to the elements or inadequate nutrition resulting in extreme skin imbalance. Skin usually has poor elasticity, dull appearance, dryness, superficial lines, and sun-damage.

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