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QED specializes in men's shaving & grooming accessories, particularly those wonderful products that could be found in barbershops around the world 50 or more years ago. At that time, the barbershop was a decidedly masculine oasis, a mini social club, where - along with his haircut and shave - a gentleman was pampered with an incredible assortment of scented tonics and lotions. We invite you to indulge in a bit of nostalgia, and discover why these products have survived through the years. Make certain to take a look at our BARGAINS category were you will find some wonderful products at bargain prices.

News and Information
Imperial Barber Products ... classic American styling
The team behind IMPERIAL BARBER PRODUCTS have spent a combined 30 years in the Los Angeles, London and New York City barber culture. During that time, they worked to perfect the craft of classic American men's styling and grooming. Each Imperial product is custom formulated and made with performance, utility and function in mind. All products are made by Barbers, made to Work, and made in the USA. This simple range contains some of the gentlest and most efficacious men's grooming products on the market. We suggest wet shavers try their clear, unscented glycerin shaving soap if they have not already. The rich lathering quality of pure vegetable glycerin soap, along with the infused Vitamin E, Safflower, Palm and Coconut oils, will protect your skin and create a thick profuse lather that will provide optimal blade glide without any residue left behind. Read more inside ...  >> Details
QED Select : Manchurian Silvertip Badger Shaving Brushes
For the shaving brush purist QED is proud to offer a small collection of brushes containing what is considered the finest badger hair. These substantial brushes are made with the quality and aesthetics one expects from QED. The novel handles are both functional and handsome providing for a secure grip when wet hands and soap provide more lubrication than your grip can handle. The 24mm hair bundle contains a generous amount of Manchurian silvertip badger hair, sterilized, sorted, weighed and tied by hand. Sourced from the coldest region of Northeast China these uncut unbleached silvertips are noted for both softness and backbone. Manchurian silvertip badger hair generates a luxurious lather that provides ample lubrication for the razor to smoothly glide over the skin. Availability of these brushes is limited. ... By request, we have begun adding Synthetic, Pure, Best and Silvertip Badger brushes to the range.  >> Details
Geo F. Trumper ... the Royal treatment since 1875
At 9 Curzon Street in the heart of London's Mayfair is situated the shop of Geo F. Trumper, the world's most celebrated salon for gentlemen. Once through the portals of this famed establishment, the sights, scents and sounds are more reminiscent of Edwardian London than the modern bustling world outside. An air of gentility and courtesy pervades, the anonymous patron receiving the same attention as the titled or famous. It has operated in this fashion since 1875. The sumptuous shaving creams, shaving soaps, skin foods, and after shaves from Trumper are considered by many gentlemen to be the ultimate shaving accessories.  >> Details
Edwin Jagger ... Sheffield's master craftsmen of razors
Edwin Jagger is regarded as the foremost manufacturer of exquisitely designed shaving razors. A family owned business in Sheffield England, Edwin Jagger prides itself on the smartest traditional & contemporary designs and materials, as well as exemplary manufacturing quality & finish, using the best spinners, chromers, platers, silversmiths, wheel cutters, engravers and polishers in the country. The company uses the heritage of the Sheffield steel industry, skills handed down through generations from father to son, to both inspire manufacturing excellence and fuel the desire for a product that is conceived, designed and manufactured in England. Any handmade Edwin Jagger shaving accessory is the shaving equivalent of a Rolls Royce car or Mont Blanc pen.  >> Details
SAVILE ROW brushes contribute to the renaissance of wet shaving
Savile Row shaving brushes are hand filled and hand set, with densely packed badger hair knots that provide the luxurious lathering experience so important to the wet shaver. The exceptional water-holding capacity of these brushes ensures a rich warm lather that brings real pleasure to the early morning shave. Their highly sought after resiliency is created by an exceptionally dense hair bundle that easily lathers the most finicky of soaps. The faux ivory resin handles are lathe-turned by hand; the shapes are both stylish and ergonomic. Whether you are an inveterate wet shaver or a novice, a Savile Row Pure, Best, or Silvertip shaving brush will become a treasured addition to your toiletry locker.  >> Details
Charcoal Shave Cream from Knightsbridge Shaving Co.
Charcoal is a sumptuous lather shaving cream from Knightsbridge Shaving Co. that provides incredible lubrication allowing a razor to effortlessly remove the toughest beard. The concentrated formula is enriched with coconut oil and glycerin for an extra soothing, moisturizing, luxurious shave. Charcoal's fragrance is a blend of cedarwood, sandalwood, fruity floral notes, a hint of coffee, creamy vanilla, patchouli, sugary accords and musks. The addition of charcoal (that's why it's gray) helps remove dirt and toxins from the skin as you shave. Charcoal is made in England, along with 4 other Knightsbirdge scents: Aloe Water, Bay Rum, Bergamot, Sandalwood and Signature. Formulated with the finest ingredients and essential oils, indulge yourself to experience unsurpassed luxury and performance every day.  >> Details
Fine Accoutrements ... a truly FINE line of shaving goodies
In early 2005, Todd Cerami (a.k.a. "Mr. Fine") read an article on the benefits of traditional wet shaving. After trying it out for himself, he got hooked on the pleasures of proper grooming, particularly the refreshing tingle of a good aftershave splash. He immediately set out to create his own line of products to enhance that daily ritual, and founded Fine Accoutrements. Fine Classic After Shaving Splashes are elegantly formulated throwbacks to the days before men's shaving was refashioned into dermatology. The premium fragrances are sophisticated but entirely masculine, and evoke an unmistakable "barbershop" quality. The short ingredient list ensures an ultra-light face feel, followed by a refreshing and skin toning dry-down, which leaves no slick or tacky residue.  >> Details
CRUX Post Shave Tonic ... soothes, conditions, cleans
CRUX Post Shave is one of a very few tonics we've discovered that does not burn, irritate, or dry the skin, nor coat it with sticky substances that block the pores. The natural and organic ingredients in Post Shave not only soothe, condition, and refresh your face, but are antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial. Along with witch hazel and glycerin Post Shave contains essential oils of rosewood, clary sage and bergamot which are added not only for their skin benefits but to delight your senses. Some of the other superb products available from Crux include Charcoal Face Scrub, Pre Shave Oil, Shave Soap, Facial Oil, Tea Tree Toner, Beard Oil and a stainless steel Shaving Bowl.  >> Details
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